Turn Bill Payments into Jackpots with WinBundle

Turn Bill Payments into Jackpots with WinBundle

WinBundle is shaking things up! We’re transforming a boring task into an exciting experience, filled with opportunities to win big. Transform your bill payments into a winning experience with WinBundle! Every payment is a chance to Win Big! With WinBundle, every transaction comes with the chance of substantial rewards, and you’ll discover a world of possibilities.

Why WinBundle

WinBundle is revolutionizing the way you pay your bills By combining utility payments with the excitement of lottery prices, we’re making bill payments an exciting experience. When you pay your bills through WinBundle, a part of your subscription enters you into our weekly National Consumer Draw, where you could hit a jackpot of up to 100 million Naira weekly!

Understanding How WinBundle Works

To fully appreciate the game-changing impact of WinBundle, it’s important to understand how it works. Here’s the simple and exciting breakdown:

  • 70% Covers Your Utility Bills: When you purchase a WinBundle, a significant portion (70% exactly) goes towards paying your utility bills, ensuring uninterrupted access to essential services.
  • 30% Unlocks Life-Changing Prizes: The remaining 30% of your subscription buys you tickets into the weekly National Consumer Draw, giving you the chance to win substantial cash prizes simply by paying your bills!

By allocating a portion of your subscription to the National Consumer Draw, WinBundle offers a unique opportunity to transform your utility payments into Big Wins.

WinBundle isn’t merely a platform for bill payments; it’s a gateway to financial prosperity. By leveraging the WinBundle ecosystem, customers are encouraged to embrace a mindset of possibility and abundance. It’s a refreshing departure from the conventional approach to bill payments, which often emphasizes expenditure over potential gain.

How to get a WinBundle

Getting a WinBundle is easy and convenient! You have three simple options to get started:

  1. Website: Visit our official WinBundle website to sign up and claim your rewards.
  2. Shortcode: Dial *6700# on your mobile phone to access WinBundle directly.
  3. Partner Platforms: Our partner’s websites and apps offer seamless WinBundle access. Just look for the WinBundle logo and start paying your bills with WinBundle!

Choose the method that suits you best and start enjoying the benefits of WinBundle!


Transform your bill payments into a winning experience with WinBundle! Every payment is a chance to Win Big! Win up to 100 million Naira and unlock a brighter financial future. Imagine turning a necessary expense into a life-changing opportunity. Join the WinBundle revolution and turn your bills into potential jackpots. 

Sign up easily and start winning big today, one bill at a time!

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