CashToken Reward – Reflecting on Success and Unveiling Exciting Rewards

CashToken Reward – Reflecting on Success and Unveiling Exciting Rewards

Embarking on the exciting journey of 2024, CashToken Reward stands proudly at the intersection of triumph and innovation, propelled by the resounding successes of the past year and the groundbreaking strides ahead. In the wake of 2023’s victories, our soaring momentum is further ignited by a revolutionary reward program that promises to redefine the landscape of possibilities. 


A warm welcome to our valued community of Investors, Customers, and Partners! Your unwavering support has been the cornerstone of our success, and we extend our heartfelt gratitude to each segment of our diverse audience. Whether you’ve invested in our vision, trusted us as customers, or collaborated as partners, your contributions have played a pivotal role in shaping the journey of CashToken Reward. As we navigate the exciting paths ahead, we look forward to continuing this collaborative journey with you. Thank you for being integral parts of our story, and here’s to a future filled with shared successes and boundless possibilities.


Speaking of 2023 victories, let us walk down memory lane and see 2023 notable achievements.

Empowering Lives, Expanding Reach, and Partnering for Progress: A Look Back at 2023


With your help and support, we achieved so much in 2023. Below are a few notable achievements of 2023.


  • We Celebrated Five Years of Empowering Lives: Marking a significant milestone in its journey, CashToken Reward celebrated its 5th anniversary this year by partnering with renowned charity influencer Osita Popcorn to launch a unique initiative focused on women’s empowerment. In a heartwarming gesture of giving back, the platform announced a ₦500,000 giveaway, specifically designated for women in need, identifying ten remarkable women facing economic hardship and awarding each of them a ₦50,000 cash grant.
  • Our Partner Network Grows over 100%: Expanding our horizons, CashToken Reward witnessed remarkable growth in our Partner Network, experiencing over 100%  increase in partnerships in 2023. This milestone underscores our commitment to forging impactful alliances and amplifying our reach. As we continue to build bridges and foster meaningful connections, our expanding partner ecosystem positions us at the forefront of innovation and collaboration.
  • CashToken Reward and MTN.NG Join Forces for Big Rewards: We teamed up to make it easy, lasting, and profitable to thank loyal customers. In 2023, we ran exciting campaigns, spent a significant amount, and gifted millions of MTN.NG customers cool stuff like iPhones, high-tech 5G Android phones, Jumia vouchers, CashTokens, and more. These initiatives not only enriched the experience for MTN.NG customers but also contributed significantly to MTN NG’s profitability through enhanced customer retention and a broader customer base. These efforts played a pivotal role in fostering positive growth across MTN.NG.
  • Empowering Lives at Scale: In 2023, we reached remarkable milestones, transforming lives with CashTokens and cash rewards. An extraordinary sum of over ₦13.5 Billion was distributed, benefiting Millions of Nigerians. As we look ahead to 2024, our commitment to empowering communities and fostering positive change remains unwavering. Together, let’s continue this journey of impact and shared success.

Big thanks to you for making all of this happen! Your support means a lot. After enjoying a trip down memory lane, buckle up for a sneak peek into what’s coming next. Excited? We definitely are!”


2024 Agenda:

We’ve got exciting things on the horizon, and we wanted you to know first.

  • NNPCR: Introducing the Nigerian National Patronage Cash Reward (NNPCR) in collaboration with the Tinubu Administration. This initiative takes cash rewards to the national level, serving as a powerful tool for businesses to appreciate their customers. Beyond customer benefits, this program holds significant advantages for businesses and the Nigerian government, promising positive impacts at a broader scale. For businesses, these benefits can come through customer retention, an increase in patronage/sales, and Tax Refunds as stated in the Company Income Tax Act [CITA] 2007. For the government, this stimulates the economy through direct wealth distribution through the weekly national consumer draw, with the creation of over 500,000 jobs through the NNPCR agent and strategic sales partners, and significantly increases the National Happiness Index of Nigerians.
  • Cross Boarder Expansion: Building on our transformative impact in Nigeria over the last 5 years with the CashToken Reward, we’re excited to embark on a journey beyond borders. Our mission is to extend the rewards of patronage to businesses and their customers in vibrant new territories such as Ghana, South Africa, Kenya, and Canada. We envision a global network of empowered communities, fostering financial inclusion and celebrating the spirit of loyalty on an international scale. Get ready for a new era of rewards! 

These highlights are just the beginning of our journey together. We’re thrilled to share these milestones with you; there’s so much more excitement on the horizon. With your continued support, the best is yet to come! Stay tuned for more updates, and let’s make 2024 a year of shared success and endless possibilities! 

In the meantime, we wish you and yours a very happy New Year.

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