How to Get CashToken Reward From Glo

How to Get CashToken Reward From Glo

CashToken Rewards revolutionizes consumer rewards across industries by offering a Cash Reward-as-a-Service loyalty program. Through partnerships with physical and online businesses, CashToken delivers tangible value to consumers via cash rewards. Its innovative model enhances customer loyalty, drives repeat business and fosters positive relationships between businesses and consumers. This unique approach empowers businesses to stand out in competitive markets while giving consumers compelling incentives to engage with their preferred brands.

Introduction to CashToken Glo Reward

CashToken GloRewards is a reward-based loyalty program introduced by Globacom for its subscribers. All existing & new prepaid customers can opt-in for CashToken GloRewards by dialing *301*8#. Customers can continue receiving CashTokens under the GloRewards program from the 1st Feb 2024 till the 26th May 2024

How to get CashToken From Glo

To take part in the CashToken Glo Reward take the following steps:

  • First, you need to be a Glo customer by owing a Glo SIM

  • Opt-in by dialling *301*8#

  • Buy airtime or data bundle worth N1000 weekly

By following the above steps you automatically qualify for the Glo CashToken Reward Program where you receive N8 instant cash per CashToken and all stand a chance to win between N5k – N100m weekly.


The CashToken Glo Rewards program introduced by Globacom offers subscribers a unique opportunity to earn cash rewards by engaging with the telecom company’s services. By opting in and making regular purchases, Glo customers stand to benefit from instant cash rewards and weekly prize opportunities. This innovative loyalty initiative not only enhances customer loyalty but also fosters positive relationships between the company and its subscribers. Overall, the CashToken Glo Rewards program sets a new standard for customer engagement and satisfaction in the telecom industry.

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